Friday, July 27, 2012

Burns and Camping

Whew! This week has been busy! We decided to go camping at Kayak Point to celebrate my younger brother's birthday. (Joshy) It's right at Puget sound, and we went swimming, and bumped the volleyball around, and pulled drift wood into the water and played on that, and some friends came over and we played and swam with them, and looked for crabs, and I got sunburned. Like always. Ya' see, every time we go camping/swimming, I always think, "Oh I burned last time, I probably won't this time. Besides, now I've got a tan, (HAH! if you can call it that...) and tans don't burn" and lo and behold, I burn. Because of my English heritage, I have very fair skin, and fair skin burns easily. So, yeah, I fried the back of my arms and shoulders. Loads of fun. It wasn't that bad compared to a burn I once got though, that burn was so bad I still have scars from it. I found out though, that if you put a infusion of Yarrow, Comfrey, Marshmallow root and Plantain on it it helps it heal WAY faster than it would normally. Which is good to know. =D

 Our Raspberries are ripe, this morning I went and got some.

                                                   A Golden Raspberry, now you see it....
                                                         ..And now you don't! Huh, wonder where it could've gone.Of course I didn't have anything to do with it's disappearance....=)

                                                              Here's some of our family eating breakfast.

I don't remember what they were doing here...

Isn't she CUTE?!?!?

Here's a pic of our Yurt.
This pic I took through the lens of my mom's sunglasses.
                                                      Here's the inside of our yurt.

Can you see the crab? That one's pretty small, maybe 1 inch.
Here's a little green cricket Chasen found on his leg.
 The Dock.

 Outside of our yurt.

So it was really fun overall, except for the burns. And I had made some marshmallows for the trip but we ended up forgetting them. So today I decided I would toast one. With a fork. On the stove. It went very well, I grabbed the gooey white lump of deliciousness with my fingers, right after it came off the stove. But I forgot the tines of the fork were still hot, and I saw marshmallow sticking to it, so being a genius, I popped it in my mouth and discovered a new meaning for the term 'hot lips'. So I've been carrying an ice cube around in my mouth and trying to play frisbee with my brothers, and it's been, um, interesting=). I should probably go and get another ice cube now, 



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kitten and Volleyball

Guess what?!?! I got a kitten! =) I love kittens, they're so sweet and precious. <3 The one I have is a girl, and her name is Mya, and she's a calico. I Love calicos, I had one when I was little, but then our family moved, so she ran away. Since then I've always wanted one.

Isn't she soo cute? As I write this she's batting at my finger. Why did I name her Mya? I like it, and it just "fits"her, and I have this REALLY sweet awesome friend with the same name, so I kind of named my kitten after her. =) I really like naming things, but I don't like all of those cliche names (Blackie, Spotty, Patches, etc.) So I try to think up something original. It's nice when they just have a name that just fits them though.

One of our friends just had a birthday party, and I got some good shots of people playing volleyball ((If you are in these pics and don't want them up, comment and I'll take it down)

Splitting up teams

                                                    My big brother spiking.

                                                       Two pretty girls I know...<3
                                                              The Birthday Boy
                                                       My Little Sisters (the 2 in front) and a friend (Very Back)
                                                          Three friends ( I just thought this pic looked cool...)

See you later!



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stay at Home Sunday

This what we've been up to recently. Today we just decided to stay at home and take it easy. So we went for a walk through the woods near our house and I did a bit of photography. :D I was also having fun with little sister Emmy, we sat in front of a mirror and I would make a face and she would copy me. She's SOO Cute! We've actually started to get some sunshine around here!YAY!!! It was really nice for a week, but now it's starting to get cloudy again, I do believe that WA is the only place that isn't experiencing the heat wave. I'm thankful sometimes, but other times I WANT SUNSHINE! :-) I'm one of the only people in our family that likes heat. I've also figured out how to help my curl come out, gel! I put some gel in and it turned into ringlets/tight waves.                                       I'll write more later!                                                                 ~Gracie