Photography Bucket List

Here's my bucket list of things to photograph. As I get them, I'll post them here and cross them off the list.
  1. Raw Emotion
  2. Try a film camera
  3. Photograph a stranger
  4. Frame worthy street photography
  5. New Father holding newborn
  6. Senior Session
  7. Elderly couple in love
  8. Sleeping dog
  9. Sleeping Child
  10. Spinning Ferris Wheel (Slow SS)
  11. Macro Flower shot
  12. Child jumping in puddle
  13. Couple kissing in the rain
  14. Dramatic light self-portrait
  15. Slow SS Star Movement
  16. Moon
  17. Fireworks
  18. A True surprised look
  19. Slow SS Waterfall
  20. Children in bathtub
  21. Pic shot through sunglasses
  22. Boys fishing
  23. Swirl of hair on a newborns head
  24. Newborn grasping parent finger
  25. First kiss as a married couple
  26. Panning Shot
  27. Deployment reunion 
  28. Family's feet on a white bed
  29. Child Jumping on bed
  30. Themed vintage shoot
  31. Makeshift tent w/ kids reading
  32. Boy as Superman
  33. Kids playing dress-up
  34. American flag with sun flare
  35. Girls sharing a secret
  36. Victory of some sort   DONE!!
  37. Slow SS Roller Coaster
  38. The Space Needle
  39. Car Tail Lights-Slow SS
  40. Complete Rainbow
  41. Another Photographer in action
  42. People Jumping
  43. Sunrise
  44. Reflection of something in water
  45. A Proposal
  46. Series of hands

                                             #35. Climbing to the top of Mt. Pilchuck