Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new background

 I was just looking at blog backgrounds and I found this one, and it's name was "Gracie". :-D Do you like it?

Easy hairstyle websites

Since I haven't been able to post as much (Busy busy!) I decided I'd post these websites that I love so you could get some Ideas:

http://rapunzelsresource.wordpress.com/style-index/  Ok, this website is just plain amazing. The Lady who writes it has hair that's all the way down her back, she's very creative.

http://www.girlydohairstyles.com/  This one has some good ideas, it's kind of more stuff to do on your little sisters though.

30 hairstyles in 30 days  This lady has very pretty ideas too.

http://www.lovemaegan.com/search/label/hair%20tutorials   This lady's hair is GORGEOUS!! The lady is not very modest, so just be careful...

http://ylcf.org/gotcurl/curlycare/  If you have curly hair, this is for you!!

Dream Weaver braiding This has REALLY COOL Braids. :-)

http://www.princesshairstyles.com/  Pretty everything, love the lacing..<3

http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com/ This website has EVERYTHING!!! It's definitely in my top 3 fave websites.

I hope those gave you some good ideas, I was wondering, are there any styles you'd want me to do? I was thinking of doing a week of different ways to make curls... If there are thing you'd want me to do, please comment and tell me!

Thank you!