Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back to Eden Gardening

So just recently we heard about this amazing gardening technique, it's very simple and has amazing results. It's called Back To Eden gardening, and what this guy does is add a cover of woodchips to his garden, and it keeps the moisture in the ground, doesn't blow away, and the it stays dry on top so no weeds can grow!  It's pretty neat really, So part of my family and some other friends went all the way to Sequim to see his garden!

                                                   The ferry on the way over                                

We were joking that these are the "Cliffs of Insanity" from The Princess Bride =) 

  Here's a picture of some of his chard

 These are Dwarf Apple trees that produce so much that the branches are bent down.

This 'Scare-Crow' that hangs above his garden. Every year he goes out & shoots a crow w/ his .22
and then hangs it up. All of the other crows see the dead one and think "This is not a safe place" and move on. Isn't that smart??!?

This is a dwarf apple tree that's 1 YEAR OLD and has been planted 6 MONTHS. Normally it
would take about 2-4 YEARS to get fruit, and he got some within 6 months.

This is a his water fountain that comes straight up from his well.

 Here he is talking about his garden, while in his garden.

He has over 60 sheep on 1 1/4 acres, and the sheep aren't able to eat all of the grass down because of
all the nutrients in it. 

Isn't his lettuce so nice and clean and pretty looking?

Your's Truly looking at the water

                           Pretty landscape on the water while we were waiting for the ferry to take us back home. If you want to know anything else or you have questions post them on the comments!!



Friday, September 14, 2012

Coconut Rose Sugar Scrub

Ok, this stuff is GOOD. It's tastes good, looks good, feels good,
and smells good!

So to make it, you need:

Step #1: Take your coconut oil and stick it in the jar, using your spatula to get it all even.

Step #2: Take your roses,
take the petals off and put them on top of the coconut oil.

Step #3: Take your sugar and pour the Almond oil on it. I used just enough oil to make it moist.

Step #4: Pour the sugar onto the rose petals.
                                                        Step #5: Pour a little bit more almond oil on.
                                                           Step #6: Put the lid on and there you are! To use it you stir it all up and rub it all over yourself when in the shower. Let it sit for a few minutes and then just rinse off. The rose petal will break up into little particles, but they rinse off really easily. After you use this don't wash yourself with soap or all the oil will wash off. I like to use it at night so that way I can take a shower and use it, then just get in PJ's, go to sleep and wake up with moisturized, sweet smelling, lovely skin.                                                           

                                                             I hope you like it!

                                                                      ~ Gracie

Double French Braided Bun

So I FINALLY have a hair-tutorial for all of you!
It's super simple and takes about 15 minutes and you just need 4 hairbands and pins.
Sorry for the bad photo quality in some of the pics. :[

1.   So first you're going to do a inside out French braid on one side of your head.
                                                2. Repeat on the other side

                                            3. Then take one braid and wrap it around itself into a bun. Pin it up.

                                                4. Then take the 2nd braid and wrap it around the 1st one. Pin it and any loose pieces that are sticking out.

And there you have it!

I was blog-surfing and I found this article on modesty, I thought it was pretty good. To go to it click here.

I also discovered that I have 11 followers! YAY! New record =)