Thursday, November 29, 2012

Awkward & Awesome

Hey y'all,

How's your day been?

Mine's been pretty wonderful....*happy sigh* You'll find out why by scrolling down =)

On to Awkward & Awesome...


  • My little brother had a teaching on this past Sunday, and my parents had stayed home due to illness, so I was the one who had to say "Darius has a teaching for us today" which I was fine with, except that the adults were having a conversation, and I thought they had finished, so I said "Darius.." rather loudly but the adults apparently weren't done and started talking right then, and nobody really noticed except for 5 or six 10 to 14 year old boys who knew what I was doing and were practicially suffocating from trying not to laugh out loud at me
  • Baking the cookies from the last post, and wiping my hand with melted chocolate on it across my chin, and not knowing I had chocolate on my chin and walking around our house for about an hour. It was funny =)
  •  When you're whispering something to someone, and they can't hear you, so they say, "What?" and you say it again, but this time they could hear you but they didn't get it, so they say "What?" and so now you have to explain it to them, and THIS time they can't hear you explaining it so they say "What?" and you just kinda give up, and they think about it and realize what you said and start laughing, which makes other people curious, so you have to repeat the whole process over 3-4 times. *sigh*
  •  Climbing on top of counters, sinks, couches, and various chairs in order to take pictures of food, and being thankful that none of your neighbors can see you
  •   Saying to one of my friends "Can I borrow your head for a minute?" 'cause another friend wanted to show me a new hair trick.
  • Talking about all of the weird body/lip/head/finger piercing's you've seen with people you just met 10 minutes ago

  •  Being a helper at our Choir program,  
  •  The little kids at choir randomly coming up and saying "Hi!" and giving me hugs =)
  •  Making new inside jokes with people
  •  Singing Christmas Carols with revised lyrics (Deck The Halls with Poison Ivy, 9-1-1, etc.) 
  • Salted Dark Chocolate. So wonderful.....
  •  Sitting in bed after a wonderful day full of friends, music and laughs, listening to Christmas carols on the radio and looking at the stars.
  •  Being able to think of more awesome things than awkward!
  •  Playing the piano again! I stopped playing for a while, but now I'm getting back into it =)
  •  The Piano Guys. If you haven't watched/seen/heard of them, I HIGHLY suggest going on to YouTube and looking them up, they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. They are one of my motivations for playing the piano again.
  •  Our Choir Concert is in 2 weeks! I'll hopefully be able to get pics up...
  • Having my Constitutional Law Midterm exam essay FINALLY done!
 What was awkward or awesome about your week?



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  1. I got on a bus going to downtown Seattle instead of the U-district... awkward. But then I made cookies that that was awesome. :)