Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coffee Smoothie and Mozzarella

Do you like coffee? I like it sometimes, if it's made just right. I like to make it iced, and I decided I show you how I make it here.
                                  But before I show you how, isn't this pretty? It's a Mozzarella Cheese I made, and it has LOTS of tasty herbs and oils on in. I'll have to show you how to make it sometime.=)

Anyways, coffee. Here is the cast of Characters:

                                               Water, Chocolate syrup, Whipped Cream, Kalua, Coffee (Ground and whole) Chocolate Chips And (Not pictured) Ice and Milk. I don't know why I put the coffee maker and blender in there.....

                 1. Heat up your water. 

2.  While it's heating, pour your ground coffee into whatever you make coffee in. ( I didn't make much, so I used our French press.)

                                                     3. Pour the water over the coffee.Let it sit for awhile.

                                                      4. Now measure out the Kahlua, a little under 1/4 cup

5. Put it in the blender with the same amount of Chocolate syrup.

 6. Here is the ice, throw that into the blender too.
                                               7. Add milk.

                                                  8. Add the coffee, and enjoy the ombre effect. =]

                                                     9. Add your sweetener (I used stevia) and blend it all up.

                                     10. Chop up your chocolate and coffee beans, coarsely though, we want chunks!

                                               11. Pour coffee mix into glass, and put whipped cream on.

                                       12. Top with chocolate sauce, Chocolate chunks and choped coffee beans.

                                   I hope you enjoy it!


Mount Pilchuck hike!!!!

Hello My Dear Readers!

Ok, so we have a mountain near us that's REALLY fun to hike, Mount Pilchuck. We try to hike it annually, but we missed a couple of years, so last Wednesday we got some friends and hiked it! It was really fun, as a few of our friends have never hiked it before.

                                                 A pika

                                                                     Isn't it Beautiful??

                                                           This is probably my favorite pic of all.

                                      That arrow is where we're headed.

                                                       We haven't even started hiking yet!

                                                         The ride up.

It was sooo incredibly beautiful. I love the woods. When ever I go through one I can just see that God loves beauty.